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Chris Weidman's coach says he'll 'go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time'

MMA trainer of the year nominee Ray Longo spoke to Phoenix Carnevale about UFC MW champ Chris Weidman, working with Matt Serra and preparing Al Iaquinta for Joe Lauzon at UFC 183.

Ray Longo has a lot to talk about. The striking coach for UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman is in Las Vegas this weekend to corner his lightweight up and comer Al Iaquinta against Joe Lauzon. Longo will also be attending the MMA Awards where he is nominated for Trainer of the Year.

Longo and his partner, former UFC champ Matt Serra have guided Chris Weidman to the top of the sport and after watching his man finish Anderson Silva twice, Longo is bullish on the champ.

"How could you resist the boyish good looks and charm....100%, man if there's a cover of Sports Illustrated or Wheaties, it's (Chris Weidman). He looks the part to me, so I'm with you....Great guy, terrific guy, and I'm with you 100%. I think, hopefully in the future, we'll correct all of that.

"I'm gonna say, Chris Weidman is gonna go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time. And, if I have anything to do with it, hopefully undefeated."

And if Anderson Silva wins his comeback fight against Nick Diaz this weekend, Longo plans to have his man ready for a third bout against Silva. In the mean time he's got some thoughts on the Silva vs Nick Diaz matchup.

"Yeah, I mean obviously (Silva's) cagey, he's quick, he moves. I don't know if age is going to play a factor. You know, Nick's a pressure fighter, normally uses his reach. I don't think he's got the reach in this one, but we'll see. Can the pressure of a young guy going forward, absorbing punishment, and putting punishment on, break down Anderson Silva? We'll see.