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UFC 183's Joe Lauzon: 'I eat like a fat kid'

UFC Fight Night Bonus king Joe Lauzon talks to Phoenix Carnevale of in advance of his UFC 183 bout with Al Iaquinta.

He's won more Fight Night bonuses than anyone in UFC history but that doesn't mean Joe Lauzon suffers and scrimps to get down to his fighting weight. In the video above, Lauzon tells Phoenix Carnevale that he eats "like a fat kid" and still makes 155 pounds with no problem.

Here's what he had to say, "I eat like a fat kid. I eat like... I have a really fast metabolism, so I can eat super clean and it only affects my weight a couple pounds, so generally I eat like a fat kid and I just try to cut all the crappy stuff, like ice cream and candy and stuff like that. But, I'll eat chicken parm and pasta and all that stuff all day.

"I'm not huge into supplements. I'll take a multi vitamin, that's about it though. I don't get too crazy. When I'm lifting a lot, when I have a fight coming up, we definitely bring back all the lifting stuff... We lift a couple times a week and not that heavy. When I don't have a fight coming up, we lift a lot heavier, so I take protein," Lauzon said.

He faces Al Iaquinta at UFC 183 in Las Vegas tomorrow night on pay-per-view.