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Why Josh Jackson is a better NBA draft pick than Jayson Tatum

High lottery teams in need of a wing find themselves choosing between Duke’s Jayson Tatum and Kansas’ Josh Jackson. They’ve got plenty in common: 6’8 with long arms, very athletic, and both entering the draft after their freshman seasons, though Jackson is a year older.

The distinctions emerge when you examine their games. As demonstrated in this video, Tatum is an excellent isolation scorer, with moves to generate shots from any range (though his percentages weren’t all sharp in his one college season). Jackson is the more versatile player — a better defender on the floor, more promising as a passer and offensive rebounder. The big uncertainty is Jackson’s outside shooting. He was actually more accurate from three than Tatum was in college, but his awful free throw percentage suggests his shots might not be reliable in a larger sample, at least not yet.

Ultimately, though, we’re choosing Jackson. Wing play in 2017 is all about versatility, and Jackson seems more likely to stabilize his individual scoring than Tatum does to develop into an equivalent all-around player.

Check out the video for more, and let us know who you’d prefer your team pick in the comments!