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Minnesota’s vicious defense is going to be a tough matchup for the Eagles

Mike Zimmer’s built a machine that consistently makes life miserable for offenses facing the Vikings.

Everyone will remember the 2017 Vikings for Stefon Diggs’s miracle walk-off touchdown against the Saints. But Minnesota’s defense has been the team’s biggest strength all season.

In the NFC Championship, it’ll line up against an Eagles offense missing its star player, Carson Wentz. If Philadelphia wants to win the game, it’ll have to rely on its run game to confuse the Minnesota defense.

The Vikings finished in the top six in points allowed for the third season in a row in 2017 and dominated opponents on all three levels of defense. While the Eagles lack a star running back, they do have LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi in the backfield. Both have put up consistent numbers this season running multiple schemes.

Philadelphia’s running backs will have a tough task squeezing by Minnesota’s big defensive line, fast linebackers, and mobile defensive backs, but the Eagles will have to find a way if they plan on playing in the Super Bowl.