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What makes Rob Gronkowski unstoppable

Gronk is the Patriots’ biggest weapon. Literally.

Some tight ends are more of a receiving threat. Some are primarily run blockers. Rob Gronkowski can do it all and that flexibility opens up the entire Patriots offense.

The first key to being a tight end is being a good blocker. Gronkowski can block a 300-pound defensive end or down block a linebacker with ease. He can block from a three-point stance, which allows the quarterback to use the play-action pass.

Gronk can win in the passing game, too. He’s hard to guard with a safety or linebacker, in man coverage or in zone. When Gronk is targeted, he can outmuscle almost any defender and win the ball out of the air.

The biggest asset to having Gronk on your team? If a defense decides to double up on him, it leaves another receiver open somewhere else on the field. Gronk is a huge playmaker and the Patriots know they can rely on him when the game is on the line.