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The FBI and a disgraced ref are at the center of one of the NBA’s biggest conspiracy theories

The 2002 Kings-Lakers Western Conference Finals series has been the center of a conspiracy for decades

When Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals tipped off, the Sacramento Kings were one win away from knocking the Los Angeles Lakers out of the playoffs for the first time in years.

The Kings weren’t the underdogs — they had the NBA’s best regular-season record and home court advantage — but they certainly didn’t have the mass international appeal of the Lakers. When the fourth quarter rolled around, Sacramento was charged with a slew of mysterious foul calls, helping Los Angeles come from behind and win the game. The lopsided calls in the fourth quarter and LA’s subsequent victory in Game 7 gave many NBA fans a suspicious feeling about the officiating in Game 6.

One of the most infamous and pervasive conspiracy theories in sports history was born out of Game 6. A few years later, with help from FBI agents, notorious ex-referee Tim Donaghy, and NBA fans around the country, the conspiracy has only continued to grow.