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Beef History: Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin

NBA feuds have nothing on these guys.

Never live with friends.

Many of us learn that the hard way at some point in our youth. It seems fun and easy, but usually ends with resentment and security deposits not being returned in full. From 2007-2009, Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin provided a nice reminder that stars are just like us, as these former roommates took their beef out onto the ice for the world to see.

These guys were drafted back-to-back, they won Rookie of the Year in consecutive seasons, and they provided major help in pulling their franchises out of the gutter. They were teammates, they were roommates, then they were enemies thanks to a fistfight in a Moscow nightclub. While we haven’t been gifted with all the answers as to why it happened in the first place, we did get plenty of chances to witness how they went about dealing with things — usually in the form of highlight reel hits.

Everyone got involved — from Putin to Yanni — to make sure these two could calm down in time for the Olympics. But, fortunately for us, enough damage was done to celebrate the history of this beef.