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A car accident may have led to the record for most interceptions in an NFL game

Jim Hardy threw 8 interceptions in a single game!

In 2017, Nathan Peterman of the Buffalo Bills threw 5 interceptions in a single game before he was benched for Tyrod Taylor. Five interceptions sounds really bad, but its nowhere near the level of what Jim Hardy accomplished in 1950 when he threw 8 interceptions to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hardy was the quarterback for the Chicago Cardinals and his head coach was the legendary Curly Lambeau, who founded the Green Bay Packers. Hardy must have been a pretty unlucky guy, because he got in a car accident on the way to his game and missed the entire pre-game warmup. As a result, he went into the game cold and well, the rest is history.

If you’re wondering why Lambeau didn’t bench Hardy after his first 3 interceptions, well, he did. But then the backup got injured, so Hardy had to finish out the game.

Hardy went on to make it to the Pro Bowl that year and almost broke the record for the most touchdown passes in a single game the following week, but his legacy lives on in the record books for throwing the most interceptions in one game.