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Remembering the rivalry between Sean Avery and Martin Brodeur

It’s been 10 years since the NHL had to create “The Avery Rule”.

Martin Brodeur is a legend. Sean Avery is a legendary tool.

They combined to give us one of the greatest feuds the NHL has ever seen, and the history of their beef technically has yet to end. While it’s always worth celebrating beef, today makes for an extra special reason.

On March 13, 2008, Avery did everything he could to keep Brodeur from seeing the puck during Game 3 of a Rangers-Devils series that would be won by New York in five games. It was hilarious, maddening, unsportsmanlike, and pure Avery. It was also just one of many chapters in their rivalry, but this moment rightly stands out over everything else — after all, this is the moment that led to a new NHL rule within a day.

Brodeur got countless shoves and stick checks against Avery that would lead to Avery getting sent off for retaliatory actions. Avery constantly reminded his rival of the affair that led to Brodeur’s 2003 divorce.

They hated each other and never tried to hide that fact, which allowed us to just sit back and enjoy every second of it.