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What if Shaq missed all 11,252 of his free throws?

He still would have been good, folks.

Despite being one of the most dominant players in NBA history, Shaquille O’Neal is constantly connected to, and disparaged for, his poor free-throw shooting (and acting, but this is a sports website). How valid is this relentless criticism? Well, Dorktown sets out to answer exactly that.

This video lives in a universe where the kryptonite in Shaq’s game was raised to the absolute max. In our reality he made over half his free throws, but we’re not even gonna give him that. We’re retroactively turning each and every one of his made free throws into a miss to reveal how Shaq’s teams still would have fared throughout his 19-year career. Beyond team success, the personal numbers Shaq still accrues are remarkable, accomplishing things few else did even when their free throws all counted.

So maybe instead of criticizing the big fella for missing nearly half his free throws, he should be praised for making over half his free throws, since he’d be a Hall of Famer — even if that percentage resided at zero.