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Madison Bumgarner’s epic World Series finish deserves a deep rewind

Madison Bumgarner’s 2014 playoff run — over 50 innings of absolute dominance — is perhaps the greatest postseason pitching performance of all time. And the end of it was the icing on the cake: 4 innings of relief in Kansas City, with Game 7 of the World Series hanging in the balance. Bumgarner made it out intact, San Francisco won, and the whole thing is now the stuff of legend.

But what did it take for the Giants to get to that point? What opportunities did the Royals have to win Game 7? How close did Bumgarner come to blowing it? If you rewind the tape -- to earlier in the game, the series, and in fact the whole season, you’ll discover how precarious the circumstances were for Bumgarner’s victorious final moments. And you’ll see how Derek Jeter is kinda sorta involved.

Watch Episode 2 of REWINDER above, and check out Episode 1, on Michael Jordan’s iconic final shot as a Bull here.