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Michael Jordan’s iconic final shot as a Bull requires a deep rewind

Some moments in sports history are so iconic that they’ve basically become cliches. Michael Jordan’s final shot as a member of the Chicago Bulls — in the closing seconds of Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Jazz — is one such moment. It gets trotted out for montages and commercials and highlight reels to the point that you almost tune it out.

REWINDER is a series that attempts to bring those moments back into context. We all know Jordan’s shot was amazing and important, but do we remember exactly why? Do we remember that Utah had home-court advantage in the series, and thus would have played the potential Game 7 in Utah? Do we remember Scottie Pippen’s ailing back, or Jerry Sloan’s creative substitution that almost turned the series, but also set up the crucial turnover preceding Jordan’s shot?

Do we remember what it felt like to anticipate that moment? To know all of the above, but not know what was about to happen?

That’s what REWINDER is here for. Let’s go back to the moment to reflect on the conditions surrounding it. It’s only through a deep rewind that we can recreate the weight of that shot, and the stakes that make it so iconic.