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The Worst World Cup Match: A game so bad, FIFA had to investigate

The Disgrace of Gijón gave us rule changes, cries of collusion, and something that barely resembled the sport.

There have been World Cup matches with greater corruption, fewer goals, more reckless play — but none of them saw two teams care less about the contest than West Germany and Austria in 1982. When these teams met in Gijón, Spain, they already knew what result would allow both of them to advance, so when West Germany scored a goal in the 11th minute everyone involved (OK, maybe not Walter Schachner) decided to sit on it.

Fans were rightfully upset, as each team completed 90 percent of their passes thanks to hardly any challenges. They combined for three second half shots, none of which were on goal, and the crowd — including German and Austrian supporters — began raining the field with their disapproval. The chants, as well as the burning of money, revealed this was much more than just lousy play. Now known as the “Disgrace of Gijón,” this infamous effort cost Algeria a spot in the next round and became the worst World Cup match ever.

Check out the video to relive the moment, and witness why FIFA had to investigate the match, as well as change how future tournaments would be played.