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Edmundo’s beef with Romário included stolen penalty kicks, toilet cartoons, and a drunk chimpanzee

Romario is a Brazilian soccer legend. He also loved to party. Edmundo isn’t quite a Brazilian soccer legend, but he had some great years on successful teams. He, too, loved to party.

The two forwards came up together for the Rio de Janeiro club Vasco da Gama, and — in large part because of their shared love of clubbing, carousing, and skipping practice — became great friends.

Their careers diverged, but fate (or: getting in trouble with other teams) brought Romario and Edmundo back together at Vasco da Gama. As it turned out, two mercurial stars could only coexist for so long. The volatile personalities of these two players finally reacted after the slightest push. What followed was a storm of name-calling, penalty-stealing, and frantic team intervention — explosive beef between two guys who were once close friends.

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