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The Jim Harbaugh-Pete Carroll beef spans the Pac-10, NFC West, and parking lots

These two coaches have given us some of the best clashes in college and pro football.

Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll could never escape one another.

From several player-coach battles throughout the ‘90s, followed by 3 years duking it out in the Pac-10 with a handshake heard ‘round the world, before hitting a crescendo throughout their 4 years together in the NFC West, these two men were obsessed with not just beating each other, but embarrassing each other.

Their first head-to-head battle as coaches was a Pac-10 battle that resulted in one of the greatest upsets in the history of college football. And when Harbaugh tried to run up the score on Carroll a few years later, a beef that wasn’t particularly juicy at that point would get cranked to the max

Carroll jumped to the NFL in 2010, joining the Seahawks — Harbaugh made the NFL move in 2011, joining Carroll in the NFC West with the 49ers. And the beef? Well, the beef followed. The beef always follows.