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The greatest Premier League finish ever deserves a deep rewind

You usually know who’s winning the Premier League well before the season ends. Whomever’s in first place after Week 38 gets the trophy, and typically a first-place team’s built an unassailable lead in the standings by the time those final games roll around.

Not so in 2012. Very much not so. Entering week 38, century-plus powerhouse Manchester United and their historically lesser rival, Manchester City, sat tied atop the table, with City holding a tiebreaker because of goal differential. What transpired that day, May 13, could go down as one of the most thrilling sports events of all time. A championship typically determined in the final weeks was, for once, determined in the final SECONDS of the season.

To understand how much this all meant, you need to understand the distant and recent rivalry history, the mindset of the teams and fanbases involved, and what happened before those final moments. You need to rewind!

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