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Sue Bird’s famous Big East Tournament buzzer-beater needs a deep rewind

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The 2000-2001 season wasn’t the year for the University of Connecticut women’s basketball— a program remembered as basically unbeatable before and after that season hit momentary snags because of injuries. But on March 6, 2001, in the Big East Tournament Final against their rival, Notre Dame, they gave us one of the greatest finishes to one of the most eventful games in college basketball history.

A game that featured exciting performances from multiple college (and eventually pro) superstars included tragedy, heroism, and a finish so brilliant there’s a whole book about it.

This episode of REWINDER takes you behind that famous play to explain how great coaches made the Huskies and Irish into rivals, how injury and upset shaped a standout season in women’s college hoops, how UConn ended up an “away” team on their home floor, and how Sue Bird’s final attempt came to be.

Check it out above, and find more episodes of REWINDER in our YouTube playlist.