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Tim Tebow’s playoff overtime miracle deserves a deep rewind

When Tebow was king.

Both fans and analysts used to be torn on Tim Tebow’s ability at the quarterback position. Sure, he was successful in college but could he translate his game to success in the NFL? People aren’t torn anymore, the answer is no. As a Jets fan, I had the answer to this question slapped in my face on a weekly basis.

The general consensus became ‘he can date my daughter, but he can’t play for my football team’. That’s not a bad way for people to feel about you. Nobody wants me on their football team, but they also don’t want me dating their daughter. He will also go down as the last man to kneel on a football field without people setting their shoes on fire and cutting the logos off their expensive moisture wicking socks. However, despite all the turmoil in the world today, we can all agree on one thing; Tim Tebow’s game winning overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas in the 2011 AFC Wild Card game was bonkers.

I would find it hard to believe any non-Steelers fan didn’t derive some sort of joy from watching that game. That is why we felt it necessary to revisit the moment and take a look at everything that made it possible. And that’s where we’ll stop. If you’re looking for footage ofTebow playing minor league baseball, it’s not here. Do you want information about his broadcasting career? Google it. Because here it’s Jan. 8, 2012 and we’re not sure yet if Tebow has a career in the NFL.