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Charles Barkley never won an NBA championship. Here’s what left him empty-handed.

Why didn’t Charles Barkley win an NBA championship? The simple answers — “MJ” and “Hakeem” — don’t do justice to the depth of a career spent falling short of the ultimate goal. To really understand why, we need to dig into the teams: the excellent but fading 76ers that drafted Barkley, the brilliant 1990s Suns, and the old late-90s Rockets. Then we need to dig further into what happened to them — the injuries, the blown leads, the makes and misses that comprised playoff defeat.

Barkley’s individual greatness is well understood, but his teams’ playoff failure too often gets simplified, almost into a meme. Episode 1 of UNTITLED will show you how close his teams came, and the specific events that led to their falling short.

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One correction: 1993 was Phoenix’s second trip to the NBA Finals after they went there in 1976.