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Dorktown: The majesty of Steve Bono’s 76-yard touchdown run might never be seen in the NFL again

Was this football?

On the first October day in 1995, something magnificent occurred. The Kansas City Chiefs were in Tempe, Arizona, to face the Cardinals in a game of, we think, football.

Quarterbacking the Chiefs was Steve Bono — the latest in an endless line of ex-Niners signal-callers to eventually wind up in Kansas City and a man, who, to put it nicely, had his legs account for 0.0 percent of his presence in the NFL. And yet he ripped off a near-unprecedented, extraordinary touchdown run that was really just going on a lovely stroll with a pal for what felt like eternity.

How did an NFL defense composed of 11 freakish athletes allow this to a man whose athletic exploits would ordinarily translate to nothing more than competitive mall-walking? Well, it starts with a head coach who was so aggressive that he once slugged another coach ... from his own team. Welcome to Dorktown!