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Barry Bonds never won a World Series. Here’s what left him empty-handed.

Barry Bonds was difficult, and he was controversial ... but he was also better at hitting baseballs than almost anyone who ever lived. An MLB team could not ask for better production from a hitter, and yet none of Bonds’ teams — including some very good ones — ever won a World Series.

So why not? What happened? You may be inclined to give simple answers to those questions, but we’re here to dig deeper into the actual deciding factors that kept Bonds short of a ring. Sometimes he struggled in the postseason, sometimes his teammates did. Sometimes he came through in the clutch, sometimes he very notably didn’t. Sometimes bad luck, bad managerial decisions, and bad timing interfered.

This episode of Untitled investigates each of those seasons Bonds approached glory — including the year his Giants came just a few outs away — and figures out precisely what went wrong.