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The NFL kicker who kicked a touchdown to himself

Why don’t more teams do this?

It’s OK if the name Chester Marcol doesn’t mean anything to you. After today though, try and clear out a special place in your brain for our friend Chester.

Marcol has lived a very interesting life, which you can read all about here, and became a fairly solid kicker for the Packers throughout the 1970s. He made a couple All-Pro teams, won NFC Rookie of the Year, eventually even was enshrined in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

But absolutely none of that matters. There is only one thing you need to know: Marcol scored one of the dumbest touchdowns you’ll ever see. Everything you need to know is in the video above, including footage of the actual play, if that’s all you really want to see then skip ahead to, like, three minutes in.

If you want to watch more stuff like this, might I suggest our episode of Weird Rules about the toeless kicker who was so good that the NFL made a rule trying to prevent him from doing his thing. Or just check out anything over on SB Nation’s YouTube page.