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Steve Nash never won an NBA championship. Here’s what left him empty-handed.

Steve Nash has every individual accolade an NBA player could dream of, but his teams never won a championship and never even made the Finals. Those teams include some of the best, most innovative teams ever to play the game. So ... why? What obstacles stood between Nash’s teams and glory?

The answer is an absolute parade of close calls and heartbreak. Nash’s first stint on the Suns had more promise than you might remember. His time as Dirk Nowitzki’s co-star in Dallas came pretty close, but ran into injuries and some seriously un-clutch moments. Nash’s Suns were amazing, but had one freak accident after another. And the Lakers ... we don’t really need to talk about the Lakers.

Watch the full episode for the dramatic details of how every one of Nash’s team fell short. He had one of the most successful careers of any pro athlete ever, but it’s still hard not to feel sorry for how things shook out.