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The weirdest trade in MLB history was when two pitchers got swapped ... by their wives

“Take my wife. Please!”

One of the wildest trades in baseball history didn’t involve actual baseball teams: in 1972, Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson, two pitchers for the New York Yankees, moved out of their respective homes, and into each other’s. That’s right: the Kekich family and the Peterson family swapped husbands. After a night out at a party hosted by a mutual friend, these two close couples decided to try the kind of swinging that doesn’t take place on a baseball diamond, and the rest is history.

It’s a tale that involves strange dual press conferences, New Jersey diners, a couple of very confused dogs, and the type of free-wheeling love story that could have only happened in the early 70s.

Check out this episode of That’s Weird, or if you want more instances of weird switching in baseball then I think you’d like our video about the time a switch hitter faced off with a switch pitcher. It was...dumb.