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The worst NBA 3-point contest was a hideous mix of bad shooters and great shooters failing miserably

The 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest ranks among the best ever. It’s definitely the most important. The excellence of that event, won by Vince Carter, only serves to underscore how deeply disappointing its undercard was.

That legendary dunking exhibition was preceded by the saddest NBA Three-Point Shootout of all time. The NBA did an OKish job stocking a lineup: defending champion Jeff Hornacek faced excellent veteran shooters like Terry Porter and Hubert Davis, future superstar sharpshooters like Dirk Nowitzki and Ray Allen, and a variety of other youngsters: Allen Iverson, Mike Bibby, and Bob Sura.

They all shot terribly. All of them. This is the only NBA three-point contest won by a shooter who scored less than half of the available points in the final round. When you place it in the contest of a historic NBA All-Star Weekend, the past and future excellence of the collected shooters who all failed on the same night, and the available alternatives for the less accomplished shooters in the bunch ... it becomes pretty clear this was the worst contest ever.

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