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The worst MLB Opening Day game was historically lopsided in the saddest way imaginable

Baseball fans slog through the cold winters and terrible times on the calendar (like the holiday season) because they have one, singular light at the end of the tunnel: the dawn of spring and the birth of a new MLB season.

Well, in the entire history of MLB, which goes back to the days of cavemen and hieroglyphics, no Opening Day ballgame — the very thing everyone has been waiting five or six months for — was a greater dud than when the Dodgers took a trip down to San Diego in 2016.

The Padres were a squad that thought batting was just an optional part of baseball, and they were facing a pitcher who ate lineups like San Diego’s for breakfast. The game started off on the wrong foot, and the bleeding was constant and unrelenting. To top it all off, this was the final Opening Day in the 67-year career of Vin Scully.

Everything about this game was a horror show. Enjoy!