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How the Marlins accidentally won another World Series in the middle of falling apart

Why would anyone wanna keep a champion together?

The problem for all sports fans — me, you, probably a few other people — is that it can be easy to forget that the owners of our favorite sports teams aren’t necessarily a fan in the same way. It’s a cold, cruel, cutthroat business that an owner may look at as just another investment no different than spending money in real estate or the stock market.

Perhaps no fan base had that hit home harder than that of the late-’90s Florida Marlins. After a miraculous World Series run in 1997, a complete dismantling of the squad ensued immediately,

You see, it takes talent to win, and talent isn’t necessarily cheap. But when owner Wayne Huizenga cut the necessary checks to build an excellent baseball team, the fact that it worked out marvelously on the field didn’t matter. All that mattered was his wallet. Nothing else. Watch what happens when the relentless pursuit of the almighty dollar collides with a team that reached the absolute summit of the sport.