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If you trick NFL refs into giving you a timeout, you pay the price

The league has given their officials a safety valve just in case they screw up this rarely used rule

Look, we’re all tired of the NFL getting everything right all the time. Somedays it feels like the league is just too well run. But let me fill you in on a little secret...

The National Football League, it’s not as perfect as we think.

Blasphemous, I know. But what if I told you that in the very rulebook that guides our great game they have completely acknowledged the fact that the officials governing the sport on the field are capable of making mistakes? It’s true. They have sneakily included text that not only allows for the referees to get something wrong, but if they do - your team could be penalized for it.

It all comes down to timeouts, and when you take them. A team isn’t allowed to call consecutive timeouts in the same dead ball period. If they do, the officials are supposed to simply ignore it. But, being human, sometimes the referee accidentally forgets their duties. And when they do, it sure as hell isn’t their fault.

Check out this episode of Weird Rules to understand what sort of situations the NFL has been genius enough to foresee, and who has gotten in trouble in the past.