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The NFL has a rule that basically turns the commissioner into God

Because Goodell doesn’t have enough power.

Believe it or not, NFL fans have, at times, believed their favorite team got a raw deal. For instance, In 1982, the Miami Dolphins lost a cold, snowy game in New England, 3-0, because the Patriots used a snowplow to clear off the part of the field where they were attempting a game-winning field goal.

The NFL tried to prepare for such an occurrence by developing what is known as the palpably unfair act. That is, it’s a device to give officials the ability to rectify and situation as they see fit to account for something unforeseen happening that gives one team an unfair advantage. Manually altering the state of the playing surface would seem to be a tailor-made example of something palpably unfair occurring — but alas, the Dolphins efforts to evoke this rule were futile, and they had to head back to South Beach with nothing but an acknowledgment of the error and a big fat L on their record.

And as for the extraordinarily unfair act rule? Well, that’s a thing that turns the commissioner into a near-deity, which Saints fans desperately wanted to take advantage of recently ... if only they could.