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The Bob Emergency, Part I

This is a study of athletes named Bob, made by a non-athlete named Jon

More than 10,000 people named Bob have entered the world of sports. Today, there are only nine. Bobs are special people, and in losing them to retirement, we stand to lose more than we might imagine.

In part one of The Bob Emergency, Jon Bois looks at their rise within the world of sports and highlights some of his favorite Bobs. This isn’t a list of “the essential Bobs,” because there is no one qualified to make such a thing. Instead, this is an attempt to celebrate Bobs and their contributions to sports.

Bob Cousy and his help revolutionizing basketball.

Bob Armstrong’s work breaking down the color barrier in boxing, along with Bob Fitzsimmons.

And one of the most legendary Bobs of all time - athlete or not - Bob Gibson.

Each Bob has left a mark on the world but is part of a fraternity that is slowly dying out. Welcome to the Bob Emergency.