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Michael Jordan’s life-saving dunk from ‘Space Jam’ gets a deep rewind

Everyone remembers Michael Jordan’s dunk from the end of Space Jam. How could you not? It was the most important play of his career, since it saved him and the characters of Looney Tunes from lifetime imprisonment on Moron Mountain. And his arm stretched like 50 feet while he was being tackled by several monster space aliens. It was pretty memorable.

But do you remember everything behind that moment? Do you remember how things got to that point? Do you remember how Jordan’s opponents, the Monstars, built their team? Do you remember how Jordan ended up in Tune World in the first place? Do you remember the unsung clutch hero of this event: Bill Murray?

This literally incredible play needs a deep rewind to be fully appreciated. Check out this episode of REWINDER above, and find more episodes of the series in our playlist.

Also, check out some of the extremely serious research people have done on Space Jam, which really helped make this episode work.