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A power outage turned a Stanley Cup finals game into a dark, foggy mess

It was unplayable, so the NHL just kind of deleted it

The Edmonton Oilers and Wayne Gretzky have the Boston Bruins on the brink of elimination. It would be the Oilers fourth Stanley Cup in five years, and they’ve just tied the game at three apiece with a little over a period to play.

And then the power goes out.

As it turns out, you kind of need that to play a hockey game — especially if you want to broadcast it. And considering this is potentially the final game of the NHL season, they definitely wanted to broadcast it. Like most things in sports, timing is everything. This happened in May, which meant it was warmer out than ice usually likes and fog was already an issue while they still had power. So when there was a power outage at the Garden, as well as the surrounding blocks, the league wasn’t too sure when they’d be able to pick the game back up.

It became even more of an issue because the Celtics had to play a playoff game of their own in the coming days. So instead of finding a neutral site, the NHL just did the thing that made most sense to them and their constitution — they pretended like game four wasn’t a thing, and moved straight on to game five in Edmonton.