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Barry Bonds’ beef with Jeff Kent included stolen bus seats, motorcycle mishaps, and a dugout fight

Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent were never going to get along. Bonds was self-centered, standoffish, and unwilling to conform to norms (or rules) to achieve his legendary accomplishments. Kent took himself and the traditions of baseball extremely seriously, even if it rubbed people the wrong way.

When they became teammates as San Francisco Giants, everyone figured there would be blowups, and they were right: They battled in the clubhouse, on the field, on a bus during spring training, and in the dugout in full view of TV cameras. In spite of it all, they had great success together, even reaching a World Series.

This episode of BEEF HISTORY covers the fraught Bonds-Kent relationship, their success in spite of that, and the differing reputations of these two men who, despite appearances, had some very important things in common.

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