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David Freese’s epic World Series walk-off demands a deep rewind

Every force in the universe was aligned just perfectly

Against all odds, the St. Louis Cardinals qualified for the 2011 MLB postseason. Against all odds, they reached the 2011 World Series. Against all odds, they forced a 10th inning, then an 11th inning, in that World Series’ sixth game. You might remember how that played out, but do you remember all the miracles and cosmic forces joining together that made it all possible?

It was a year that started off miserably for St. Louis. The Cardinals had a dark cloud hanging over their head with Albert Pujols playing out the last year of his contract after he and the organization couldn’t quite kiss on the Venn diagram of what he sought and what management was willing to pay.

Their bullpen was in tatters early on, they suffered crucial injury after crucial injury, and they found themselves 10+ games back of a playoff spot with about a month left in the season. Then Tinker Bell came and showered them with pixie dust.