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The youngest to 1,000: How LeBron and Kobe reached a scoring milestone in their teens

How do you score 1,000 NBA points before your 20th birthday? Well, it helps to come into the league really young, which hasn’t been possible since 2006. And it also helps to be on a very bad team that *needs* you to score tons of points. These are the stories of the players who checked one of those two boxes, and of course the story of the one player who most emphatically checked both: LeBron James.

LeBron’s got basically every record for youngest player to score X number of points, but the exact circumstances of his 1,000-point achievement are worth a deeper dive. That story involves Ricky Davis, or specifically the absence of Ricky Davis.

Someday soon, the NBA may relax its age limit, but until that day comes, LeBron will hold on to his incredible scoring marks.

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