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The longest punt returns in NFL history and why the greatest one will never be topped

Some familiar names, some less familiar names, but all legends.

OK, I’m gonna be honest with you. The guy who holds the high score here ... he’s likely never giving it up and regardless, it’s a pretty hard game just to complete.

Your goal is to collect a punt, then use your speed and elusiveness to dodge defenders and make it across the goal line. Do that, and your score counts — with your points determined by how many yards you cover in your return. But while you can control things like how fast or how agile you are, a big part of this game comes down to luck.

You don’t really get to decide where you’re going to start from and, therefore, if you even have a shot at the high score. And usually, if you have a lot of ground to cover, your opponent just has more room to stop you short. So, like I said, it’s a tough game. But that just means those who have set the high scores have done something pretty special.

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