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One of the all-time greatest NFL teams didn’t even make the playoffs

Sometimes life just isn’t fair

In 2010, the San Diego Chargers dominated just about every aspect of football. Their offense, led by Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates, was superb, ranked as the very best in the NFL. Their defense had put it all together under coordinator Ron Rivera and also finished up the season with the league’s top total defense.

Their offense and defense were married together in a beautiful football symphony that thoroughly dominated their opponents nearly every week. Few teams in the entire history of the NFL have reached heights as lofty as these Chargers, and if they did, they racked up tons of wins ... but San Diego didn’t even win enough games to qualify for that year’s postseason.

How in the name of all that is rational is it possible for a team like that to not only fail to win their division, but have to finish the season looking up at this guy in the standings?