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Michael Crabtree’s legendary moment against Texas deserves a deep rewind

Unless you’re a Texas fan, in which case I don’t mind you skipping this one

It’s Nov. 1, 2008, in Lubbock, Texas. The No. 1 Texas Longhorns are trying to hold off the BCS’s No. 7 Texas Tech Red Raiders. Clinging to a one-point lead with eight seconds left, if UT’s defense can make one last stand their title shot is nearly guaranteed. Tech, on the other hand, has the chance to not only upset a rival, but throw themselves into the national championship conversation at the same time.

Both teams stand with an 8-0 record. Only one team can stay perfect. There’s enough on the line that what comes next is guaranteed to overshadow how we got here. Where did this Tech team come from? How did Texas become the best in the nation? How we got here makes what comes next all the more special. So, let’s rewind.

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