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You have to play like a superstar to set the NBA record for turnovers in a game

If your basketball team depends on you to handle the ball a lot -- to create for yourself, to pass to teammates, to draw fouls, and so on -- you might end up setting the wrong kind of record.

This episode of HIGH SCORE examines the instances in NBA and WNBA history in which a single player has racked up a ton of turnovers. Like, as many turnovers as a whole team would typically commit.

Our major finding is that you don’t commit double-digit turnovers in one game because you suck. It happens because you’re the star of your team, and the high usage that comes with stardom also invites risk. If you’re playing alongside a depleted lineup, or facing an overwhelming defense, or just like to throw ambitious passes, you might find yourself in this episode.

Check out the full episode above, and find more episodes of HIGH SCORE in our playlist.