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Georgia Tech and Florida State’s miraculous, unexpected ending in 2015 deserves a deep rewind

It was a finish we didn’t expect, but one that college football deserved

It’s October 24, 2015. We’re at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Florida State and Georgia Tech are tied at 16, but the 9th-ranked Seminoles are looking to end it with a 56-yard field goal. On paper it’s a little surprising that Florida State hasn’t already put this game away. FSU is a top-10 team, they’ve won 28 straight games against ACC opponents, and they haven’t lost a regular-season game since November 2012.

The Yellow Jackets meanwhile are 2-and-5 and are in the midst of a downfall not far removed from an 11-win season that ended in an Orange Bowl victory over Mississippi State. But what comes next captures everything that makes college football so incredible. One team with national title hopes, another hoping to prove they’re more than just a losing record. To appreciate what comes next, let’s remember how we got here. Let’s rewind.

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