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The Worst Super Bowl loss was so famously bad that all we have to say is 28-3

And because it’s rough, we asked our resident Falcons fan to make this.

Atlanta, I’m so sorry.

The 2016 Atlanta Falcons were on the verge of accomplishing something the franchise had never achieved, something that a city and a fan base had been itching for since the teams inception in 1966: Raising the Lombardi Trophy.

But sports in its simplest form comes down to a winner and a loser. And on this night the Atlanta Falcons got handed the largest L imaginable. A loss so devastating, so horrifying, so heart-wrenching that the mere mention of a particular set of numbers will send any Atlanta fan into immediate shock.

Super Bowl 51 changed how we see 28-3. Anytime you come across that combination of digits you think of the Atlanta fans in your life and all that they suffered the night of Feb. 5, 2017. It didn’t feel like we were watching history in the making, just a car crash in slow motion that we couldn’t pull ourselves away from. But now that a few years have passed, it’s time to open up those old wounds in hopes of them healing better.

This is the Worst Super Bowl loss.