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Peyton Manning’s worst game was a record-breaking nightmare that cost the Texans millions

Peyton crashed so Brock Osweiler could soar.

Peyton Manning’s entire 2015 was pretty rough, but his week 10 performance against the Kansas City Chiefs easily takes the cake. This was a 7-1 Broncos team facing off against their 3-5 division rival, doing so at home, with a quarterback on the verge of surpassing Favre for multiple career records. While Peyton got one of those, his performance was so bad it kept him from ever picking up another regular-season win as the starter. Woof.

On top of that, do you remember when the name Brock Osweiler didn’t mean a thing to you? Things were so simple, but that changed thanks to Peyton’s performance. After completing nearly as many passes to Chiefs defenders (four) as he did to Broncos players (five) and not even reaching a combined 50 yards of offense across nine drives, his day was done. In his place came the eight-foot-tall “Twilight” impersonator at quarterback who ended up getting the rest of the starts during the regular season. Because of that, he did enough to convince the Houston Texans that he was a $70-million man, which is even wilder considering that they actually had a general manager at that point in time (again, feels so long ago).

Granted, Manning took back over for a struggling Osweiler in week 17, led them to a comeback win and the top seed in the AFC, then won a Super Bowl and retired on top. But this isn’t about that. This is about the time he went out and had the absolute worst game of his career, and it wasn’t even close.