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Kevin Garnett’s worst playoff game set the tone for a whole decade of failure

Turnovers and bricks galore!

Kevin Garnett is an NBA champion, a 15-time all-star, and, by all accounts, one of the best, meanest, most formidable big men to ever play the game. With the ring and reputation he has now, it’s hard to remember that early in his career it wasn’t so obvious who this young, long player was going to be. Was he the future of the NBA, or was he just another overhyped kid who got our hopes up for no reason? Well, after a certain abysmal playoff game, it looked like Garnett might be the latter.

With a chance to write a positive narrative for the nascent Timberwolves in Game 5 of Round 1 against the Seattle Supersonics, Garnett failed to rise to the occasion, buckled under pressure, and played emotionally. He didn’t look like a future star — he looked like he was bad at basketball.

Take a glimpse into the alternate reality that might’ve been. This is Garnett’s worst playoff game.