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Zach Randolph attacked Blake Griffin over and over until they had beef

Here’s the extremely beefy center of a very beefy rivalry.

The Clippers-Grizzlies rivalry of the early 2010s was awesome — good games, even better fouls and fights. In the middle of it all were two power forwards who kind of represented their teams’ opposing reputations. Blake Griffin was the bright and shiny young superstar of “Lob City” — high-flying and awe-inspiring. Zach Randolph was the tough, older bully; exactly what the Grizzlies meant when they described themselves as “grit and grind.”

What did that amount to? Beef! Randolph tried constantly to engage Griffin in some on-court scuffling: he poked, he prodded, he wrestled, he body-slammed ... he even choked. Randolph baited Griffin repeatedly, then questioned his toughness in the media when the younger player refused to respond.

This is the tale of a pure beef, albeit a kind of one-sided one.

Enjoy! And for even more episodes of BEEF HISTORY, of which there are many, head on over to our YouTube playlist.

*One correction: The Clippers had 40 wins in the lockout-shortened 2012 season. They got their 56 wins the following year.