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Randy Moss’ butt distracted us from Brett Favre’s worst playoff game

It was glorious, but it overshadowed something awful.

We all remember the time Randy Moss pretended to moon the crowd at Lambeau Field, swished his posterior in front of the Packers faithful, and gave Joe Buck something to fuss over. We remember he was fined as a result, which allowed a gift of a response to grace our ears.

But what we don’t remember is the abysmal performance by Brett Favre that helped all of this come to life. Let me explain (or just watch this episode of The Worst, that’ll cover it in a more fun fashion).

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings were facing off in an NFC Wild Card Game after the 2004 season. That meant Favre, Donald Driver, Daunte Culpepper, and Randy Moss were facing off in an NFC North playoff showdown -- the first ever of its kind. Although the Packers won the division and the Vikings backed their way into the playoffs with an 8-8 record (the same record as their fellow NFC wild card team, the Arizona Cardinals), Minnesota owned this contest from the start.

They came away with the win, and a big reason for it was Favre throwing four picks and failing to find a rhythm that would’ve gotten Green Bay out of their early hole. Each time they could’ve tied it up, he heaved another one to the opposition, twice doing so on the opening play of a drive. He made mental errors that turned touchdowns into field-goal opportunities, and created the chance for Moss to deliver the final blow.

After catching his second touchdown of the day, the game was practically over. And to celebrate, he directed his rear towards the crowd that had been going after him all day, pretended to pull down his pants, and bent over. It was amazing, don’t listen to Buck. The only downside of it was that it washed Favre’s miserable performance out of our minds, and that’s not fair to Moss. We should remember the day for what it really was -- Favre’s biggest playoff stinker.

Breathe it in, folks.