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The amazing, buzzer-beating end to the 2016 NCAA tournament needs a deep rewind

Villanova-UNC was a classic, and you need to turn back time to fully appreciate how incredible its ending was.

The last few seconds of the 2016 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament final between North Carolina and Villanova contained way more than a few seconds of drama. There’s the shot that ended the game, and the shot that came right before that ... but that’s not all.

To really appreciate this incredible ending to an incredible matchup, you need to go back in time and remember some stuff. You need to recall North Carolina’s history as a basketball powerhouse that had hit some recent speed bumps, only to develop an absolute steamroller of a team that season. You need to know Villanova’s tournament history, its playbook, and its own incredible 2016 run. And you need to know about the people who made the Wildcats’ final possession happen — not just their role in the play, but their relationships with their school, each other, and, in one case, the opponent.

We need to rewind!

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