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Becky Hammon never won a WNBA title. Here’s what left her empty-handed.

Some dynasties, some injuries, and some amazing rival point guards kept a championship out of Hammon’s hands.

Becky Hammon is one of the greatest WNBA players ever — a testament to the immense skill and impressive rise of the undrafted 5’6 guard. However, unlike most WNBA greats, Hammon never won a championship as a player. And she certainly had her chances.

Why? Well, Hammon had some opportunities for a title as a young bench player for the New York Liberty, but the early days of the WNBA featured basically unstoppable dynasties. She had more chances as she developed into a centerpiece for the Liberty and San Antonio Stars, but often lacked a healthy supporting cast. And in her later years, a great new crop of star point guards took over the league and overshadowed Hammon in the playoffs.

No one doubts Hammon is a legend, but if you’re wondering why she retired without a ring, this episode of Untitled will get into it.

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