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Richard Sherman’s career-altering beef with Jim Harbaugh will never end

Started at Stanford, graduated to the NFL, and still hasn’t died.

“No two beefs are the same.”

That phrase was first uttered at the Globe Theatre in the second act of one of William Shakespeare’s earlier works (no title is referenced as you wouldn’t be familiar). Yet, it’s never felt truer. Richard Sherman and Jim Harbaugh brought a uniqueness to their beef-based dance, which is even more remarkable considering they managed separate beefs with other individuals at the same time. They’re showmen in the truest sense.

A relationship that began as student-teacher quickly devolved as one party attempted to find themself, and the other did their best to shine some light on a path they felt was right. Instead, that light only illuminated the differences between follower and guide. It forced a wedge that was quick to split the pair and send them both spiraling into combat that would be waged on an even grander stage.

While we felt we understood the story’s message, it would take years to be allowed an understanding of the full context. The student wished to become an executioner and found success without the glory for a job complete. The teacher played his part while trying to appear as though he had no contribution. And, in the end, the audience was treated to an epic they hadn’t known they’d earned.

Harbaugh. Sherman. Let us attempt to fully appreciate the beef they born.

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