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This awful NBA free agency decision involved a Jason Kidd rescue mission and ... Patrick Roy?

Antonio McDyess had a very busy week in January 1999.

NBA free agency is weird to begin with. NBA free agency gets especially weird when a player changes his mind mid-stream. That’s how you end up with executives and players frantically bothering — and even holding captive — a guy trying to make one of the most important decisions of his career.

Such was the case in 1999, when star power forward Antonio McDyess planned to sign with the Denver Nuggets, a team that had traded him to the Phoenix Suns just a year prior. Despite Denver’s inferior salary offer, inferior team, inferior weather ... it’s just what Antonio wanted. Until he didn’t. And then he did again.

McDyess’s waffling sparked an all-out pursuit from both the Suns and Nuggets, which led to a very strange scene: One team trying to keep him focused inside their arena while the other team sat outside the arena, desperately trying to get in and rescue Antonio. It was weird.

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