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Shaq once had to fight his grouchy little teammate

Scott Skiles got really mad.

You’re smaller than Shaq. We feel pretty safe assuming that. With that in mind ... what would it take for you to try to fight the big guy? You’d have to be really, really mad to ever make a decision like that.

Well, in 1994, Scott Skiles was really, really mad. He was having a rough season for a variety of reasons, and in a particularly heated practice, he lost it. His slow-building rage erupted into a shocking Orlando Magic teammate battle, which then turned into an all-out brawl.

Let’s talk about Skiles, an NBA record-holder and pretty good coach with more than a few interesting stories in his past. Then let’s talk about what happened when he tried to throw a punch at a dude who had a foot, 100 pounds, and like a decade of youth on him.

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